We are a growth equity firm with a transparent, patient and collaborative approach to growing small businesses

Who We Are

ClearVision Equity Partners is a San Diego based micro-cap growth equity firm that provides capital and sophisticated resources to small companies to enable and accelerate their long-term business success.

We are well capitalized and bring substantial resources, a broad network of connections and a wide range of experience to add value to our portfolio companies. Compared to typical institutional investors, we deploy significantly more internal capital in our investments, we are much more nimble and flexible in formulating partnerships, and are also not tied to the traditional institutional investor investment hold periods. Importantly, our portfolio companies have direct access to our founders, who have over 90 years of domestic and international business experience and an exceptional track record of strong quantifiable success. Our real-world experience allows us to add to the competitive edge of our portfolio companies, helping them meet their full potential and create significant value for all involved.

We are primarily focused on Southern California based companies and invest in both start-ups and small growing companies across all industries except pharma, biotech and real-estate. On the venture capital side, we generally invest between seed and series B rounds. On the growth equity side, we like small established companies with recurring revenue and profitability which are looking for a professional team to help with growth capital, strategy and execution as well as business relationships to unlock their true potential.

How We Create Value

We provide timely capital of the right size and structure to small growth-oriented enterprises.

We are patient investors. We are not structured as a fund, therefore, we have true flexibility around our length of investments and we focus on long-term value creation for all stakeholders.

We actively work with founders and management to help formulate and execute strategic road-maps for their businesses. Through board participation or as advisors, we seek to create value across all commercial facets, including top-line (sales, marketing, business development, acquisitions, pricing initiatives), bottom-line (transformation, continuous improvement, infrastructure) and cash management. By leveraging our vast network as well as experience, we help with additional capital raises and exit planning processes.

Given our deep industry and entrepreneurial networks across the globe, we are able to source high quality talent for our portfolio companies. Access to this top-tier talent can help companies achieve their desired growth trajectories.

We also provide access to our network of capable business partners who are experts in sales & marketing, finance & accounting, legal and compliance, technology, operations, as well as HR services.

Our Investment Focus


Primary focus on Southern California based companies


Initial investment of $0.5-1.5M in start-ups and $1-5M in small established companies. Follow-on investments for organic growth and acquisitions as appropriate


For start-ups: typically between seed and series B rounds

For small established companies: recurring revenue and typically $0.5-$2M of operating profit


All industries except bio-tech and pharmaceuticals


Preference for active participation and engagement through significant investments and board roles across early stage venture and micro-cap established companies

Our Core Values

Founder First Philosophy

We have first-hand experience creating, growing and running businesses and appreciate the hard-work and discipline it takes to succeed. Therefore, we respect the founders and operators of our portfolio companies.


We do not believe in short-cuts. Long-term business success comes from generating sustainable business models, creating true-value for all stakeholders and from constant focus. We believe in doing the right thing and being transparent, honest and direct.


We look to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts by working closely with our portfolio companies. We promote efficient and effective dialogue around business with our partners by listening and appreciating diverse perspectives.